Accessibility Statement National Portal for Reporting Concerns

Everyone shall have an equal opportunity to use the National Portal for Reporting Concerns. Our goal is to make the content as accessible as possible for all users. The service is continually being developed. Universal design and compliance with the WCAG requirements are of key importance for all changes that are made in the portal. For accessibility statements from the municipalities that are linked to the portal, reference is made to the municipalities' websites.

Website accessibility

  • The solution has been formulated in accordance with the principles of KlarsprĂ„k (plain language) and has been user-tested.
  • The online form must be easy to fill out. When fields are not filled in automatically or do not require a predefined format, this is a deliberate choice.
  • Most WCAG requirements are satisfied.

These points will be improved in the near future

  • Instead of coding all individual sentences that have yet to be translated into Nynorsk, English and Northern Sami, we will translate the texts that have yet to be translated as soon as possible.
  • More information regarding how we work to comply with the WCAG requirements can be found on the WCAG checklist in the Fiks Portal. The checklist will be updated as we improve the website.

Help us to become better at universal design

Please report any problems you may experience when using the website or contact us if there is anything else we can do to be better at universal design. Send us an email: Contact the municipality if you require more information about how the municipality is working with universal design.